winna projects

About the project

As part of the current Empowerment fashion project - woven in us - , which focuses on women's equality in the work environment, unique creations are being designed to encourage women to empower themselves in all areas of their lives.
As a reminder, a special mantra is sewn into each garment, which can also be personalised, in line with the maxim
"she chooses her own story".

Design & concept: Nina Nemes - Founder of winna
Photographer: Zoe Opratko
Photo Assistant: Atila Vadoc
Jewelry: Atelier Maana
Hair & Make-up: Anna Maurer
Shoes: FATEEVA, Vintage
Studio: Pretty Shitty Studios

Empower muses: Eva Gruber - Positive Thinking & Positive Leadership Expert, Habit Coach, Speaker // Gloria Dimmel - Artist // Johanna Lederer - Brand strategist, designer, architect and branding expert, Founder of Studio Arde // Julia Mader - Founder of mountaininfinity - women‘s health & movement coach // Kinga Jakabffy - Painter 

Location: Fashion Revolution Studios

  • Vernissage - woven in us

    In addition to the creations, the exhibition will feature five women with short biographies and inspiring stories about their own journeys in empowerment, business and impact. These empowerment muses wear their own mantras woven into the garments and have been photographed in their own empowerment pose.
  • panel discussion - Change for Impact

    Moderating: Elena Stelzig - Impact consultant & facilitator, Business Efficiency Coach

    Speakers: Aline Lara Rezende - Contemporary art and design curator, designer and journalist // Delie Kastner Erol - founder, designer & creative director of Essentials for Zula // Desiree Jonek-Lustyk - Founder WOMENTOR, DEI consultant, TEDx Speaker // Lisa-Marie Idowu - Content Creator, Speaker, Moderator

  • FLINTA in Fashion - networking event

    How to change the status quo!

    At winna, we believe in redefining the status quo of the fashion industry. That's why we're hosting this event: FLINTA in Fashion, a gathering aimed at strengthening connections within the fashion world and addressing the challenges we collectively face.

Empowerment Muses

  • Your why

    I deeply care for humans & nature, supporting those who want to change or make a difference in their troubled world. I enable mental wellbeing, healthy relationships & performance at peak-times - the foundation we need for positive change.
  • Your Impact

    I support curious leaders & teams struggling to achieve positive, lasting change for themselves or their organization - as well as the leadership-shift it takes. I guide them to manage hindering mindsets, beliefs & behavior stopping change.
  • Your Mantra

    Focus on what truly matters.

    Let go of what just seems to.


  • You and fashion

    My young mother dressed so elegantly, authentically. My grannies had grace, honoring high-quality fashion. I only wear sustainable & vintage clothes - pieces with a (hi)story, honoring nature & people.
  • Woven in us

    At so many times we feel in need of other women - the ones we trust, that energize us - to help us shine (again). Yet, we can only shine as it’s woven within us: Our curiosity, empathy, inner wisdom, new ways of taking action. We shine as we matter.
  • Eva Gruber
  • Your why

    We cannot change the world completely in a day, but we can all make small contributions to making the world a little bit better in our own specific way.
  • Your Impact

    Maybe someday, we can all accept ourselves and our bodies and appreciate them for what they can make us feel and do without judging how they look.
  • Your Mantra

    I’m on a journey of self-discovery, and I trust the process.
  • You and Fashion

    I mostly play it cool, with subtle and comfortable clothes, and maybe one piece sticking out like an eye catcher.
  • Woven in us

    We are all different kinds of fabrics with each stitch representing experiences and decisions we did or didn’t take in life.
  • Gloria Dimmel
  • Your why

    It's time for womxn to reclaim the space that patriarchy took away a long time ago! Fighting for equal rights & seeing my clients succeed motivates me every day.
  • Your Impact

    In a (business) world that is still dominated by men, I am supporting and inspiring womxn to become confidently visible with their expertise and companies.
  • Your Mantra

    Being courageous and leaving your comfort zone is always rewarded. Trust in your progress and accept failure as part of success. Your life, your rules!
  • You and fashion

    Fashion, to me, is the embodiment of identity and culture. As a brand designer, I see it as a powerful medium to articulate values and evoke emotions.
  • Woven in us

    We as womxn are strong, empathetic, courageous, graceful and above it all: we have unlimited potential. Let’s go out there and use it!
  • Johanna Lederer
  • Your why

    Inspired by the need for a new approach to female fitness, I aim to empower women, celebrate their unique journey. It’s about your inner strength, embracing change and thriving in all aspects of life.
  • Your Impact

    In a world shaped by fitness narratives, my mission is to redefine female strength, working with powerful, independent women. We're not just challenging the status quo; we're creating a new one.
  • Your Mantra

    I trust my inner strength
  • You and fashion

    Fashion has the power to instantly make me feel beautiful and strong. It’s the outermost layer of who I am, empowering me. It’s like superwoman wearing her cape.
  • Woven in us

    For me Woven in us embodies the diverse yet unified essence of our collective journey towards equality and feminine empowerment. Curated by Nina, each thread tells a story.
  • Julia Mader
  • Your why

    All I wanted to do since I was 4 years old is to paint. It was then when I realized that visuals have an impact. They tell stories, they can inspire, enable reflection and soothe. It‘s definitely what I aim for with my art.
  • Your Impact

    Having an impact is not my main goal, but I am glad when my work does touch someone. I believe that art is necessary for representation, selfreflection, progress and involvement.
  • Your Mantra

    Aim for scary challenges, they lead the way. What can you learn from this? Appreciate the shadows and alchemize them to colors. What you think, you will create.
  • You and fashion

    I get excited when fashion meets art and occasionally it does it so well. I think fashion is a statement, it communicates beyond words, just like visual art does.
  • Woven in us

    Everything I know I have learned by strong women that came before me. I believe that empowering and supporting each other is the only way forward.
  • Kinga Jakabffy