winna is committed to supporting specific targets of the Sustainable Development Goals in order to contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.

  • empowerment

    The aim is to encourage women to use their unique skills and qualities with confidence and to be successful in their professional ambitions.

  • working conditions

    winna emphasizes fairness and sustainability throughout the supply chain. Fair wages and humane working conditions are guaranteed.

  • responsible production

    Upcycling promotes the reuse of materials and the sustainable use of resources. The main purpose is to reduce textile waste.

  • transparency

    We are committed to transparency in our supply chain. We support fair practices, source our materials and manufacture our products locally.

It takes a village to make fashion.

We are proud to work with seasoned artisans on our collections. From the design process, to sewing, to sourcing, to photo shoots and websites, we collaborate with women of diverse expertise. Each project is born with a collaborative spirit, and in this way we can support not only one person's dreams, but empower many. The founder, Nina Nemes, is the heart of these fantasies, and she leads this operation with an eye for detail and a passion for changing the future.

  • natural fabrics

    When sourcing our secondhand and vintage materials, we focus on having a fully curated inventory of natural fibers such as: wool, cotton or linen.
  • upcycled design

    We believe that new design does not require new materials. With upcycled process, we are able to reuse, rethink the existing sourcing. We celebrate and upgrade them through our production.
  • gender equality

    We are committed to fighting against existing structures, we stand for supporting women in various positions. Our entire fashion production process is carried out by women. Altogether there are more than 6 woman supported with buying our designs.

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