Nothing is wasted, nothing is produced, everything is upgraded: winna 

  • winna

    is a multidisciplinary brand based in Vienna, founded by Nina Nemes, creates sustainable fashion and handmade design objects. The focus is on the reuse and valorisation of existing materials, which are transformed into new and long-lasting unique pieces in a creative upcycling process.
  • Dialogue about Fashion

    Nina (5y):

    "It is easy to dictate Fashion."


    "Yes, it is if you are good enough. "


    "I am good. I sleep at the kindergarten and all that..."

  • Nina Nemes, Founder

    of winna, is a cosmopolitan and creative person with a great passion for sustainable fashion. She has an artistic education from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and a wide range of experience in various fields. She wishes she still had the attitude she had as a child, but she puts her whole heart into everything she sets her mind to.